About Life Style
Why Gran Canaria?

Fantastic 360 days of sunshine per year
First Class Lifestyle
Sophisticated & Glamorous
Easy to fly to
Member of European Union
Enjoy all year round
Modern Hospitals and Motorways
International Schools
Top Golf Courses
Luxurious Yacht Harbours
Trendy Exclusive Boutiques
Fashionable Restaurants & Night Clubs
Tennis, Horse Riding, Beaches
Relax, Leisure and Social Life
Quality of Life
A First Class Destination.



Simply The Best

Gran Canaria has grown from a small, volcanic island to a big, cosmopolitan resort. Well known over the years for being the playground for the rich and famous, today Gran Canaria is residential as well as a holiday island.

Best climate in Western Europe:

Gran Canaria is located southeast of Tenerife and west of Fuerteventura. The island is of volcanic origin, mostly made of fissure vents. Gran Canaria's surface area is 1,560 km² and its maximum altitude is 1,949 meters (Pico de Las Nieves). It has a round shape, with a diameter of approximately 50 km.

Western European Standards:

A very high standard of living, comparable to any European country: shops with international products, trendy boutiques, high quality service, modern hospitals and motorways, international schools, theatres, museums, cultural clubs, internet lines, etc.

With today’s technology in communications, many people are moving to Gran Canaria to live permanently and continue their business via the internet. Others, move to Gran Canaria and set up a business or start a new job.


In Gran Canaria, your standard of living and quality of life shall improve. Apart from the climate we have great selection of golf courses, Yacht harbours, tennis-courts, gymnasiums, horse-riding centres, Wind surfing, Kite surfing, paddle-tennis, fishing, football, basketball, cycling, walking, mountain climbing, motorcycle and car racing are some of the many activities available on the Island. Theme parks, palmitos park, aqualand, sioux city, bowling alleys, cinemas cater to the youngsters. On top of all this, Gran Canaria offers a large and good variety of elegant restaurants offering cuisine from all parts of the world. And then there is the nightlife. Bars, piano-bars, discotheques, fashionable night clubs and private parties, will keep you awake till the early hours.


Gran Canaria is famous for being one of the cleanest and most secure islands in Europe. The town hall provides extra staff to maintain the streets clean and secure, and to keep flowers that adorn the island.


Gran Canaria is synonymous with high quality real estate. It is a luxury destination on a par with the French Riviera in terms of the target market it attracts and the quality of real estate on offer. The worldwide financial crisis of 2008 has meant that prices have fallen considerably in recent years. There are a number of very attractively priced properties available which are likely to prove to be exceptional investments in the future.

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